The page works just fine, i made a note there for you. Use this link tnext time [link]
I've some matters that need my attention IRL. So I won't have time for gaming. Thanks for understanding.
I might not be online this week, not all that much really. But since I am ahead in prestige and tax, I think. It shouldn't be a problem. P.S: Tried to pencil myself in the tax-sheet, the page comes up as broken via Google Chrome. Fix it. Thanks.
Patch Notes: • Make additional hardware improvements to our servers. • Implement a solution to fix a crash exploit.
is there a way to see what they changed in the maintenance? cause i am downloading something

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Guild Name: Excessum
Guild Master: Khebeln Excessum
Aelinet Group: click here to join!

Min Prestige: 12000+

Weekly Tax: 60k

Region: EU Datacenter

First month is finally over and we are at the eve of the first major update for the game that will introduce the end game content to Skyforge. Yes! Raids, Distortions, Invasions, level scaling and many more bug fixes and improvements will be implemented on 11th.

After first month our guild is almost 130+ members now, and is as busy as ever. There are many constructions we managed to finally finish. To name few major ones. Triumphant Square that gives us additional Stats, Headquarters for Guild Store, Power Converter and finally we are finishing the Ether Projector for the Invasion Defenses!

To manage our taxes we created special Google spreadsheet that you can find over here in the members only section. On top of calculating your taxes you can edit player notes there if you go on vacations. Players that wont do that will be kicked from the guild after a week. Anyone not paying taxes for over a week will get a warning and might get kicked from the guild depending on the circumstances!

All the money that is donated is being used on guild upgrades that range from 4mil to 20mil. Everyone gets 1 Myrrh Drops every 7.5k-10k credits that they can spend on consumables in Headquarters or unlock additional Stats from Triumphant Square.

Pantheon Store is open from 8-10pm UK time while we turn of the Triumphan Square so stock up on any of the consumables you might need during that time.

The minimum prestige will be increased by 2k each week from now on, as we are out of the low prestige zone and its quite easy to gain more prestige now. I increased the min prestige for new members to 12k and min prestige to members inside the guild to 8k.

Anyone interested with helping with recruitment of new members in game should visit this topic in members only section and use the macros provided there to help with the recruitment.

New videos are being uploaded on to our Youtube channel every few days and you can view them here.

The guild chat is still broken for everyone in the guild for almost a week now and there is no sign it will be fixed before 11th. In the meantime everyone should join our community Excessum Tavern on the Aelinet, and then join the chat. You can only join the chat from outside the game. This chat is replacement for guild chat and almost everyone in the guild is using it right now. People not using it will be isolated from the guild. A small guide is available on the community page explaining and showing where to find the button to join the chat.

I want everyone to be on my friend list so i can monitor the overall guild activity during certain time zones. If you don't have me on your friend list send me and invite! People that wont be on this list will be assumed that they quit the game after a week and then removed from the guild.

The Prestige aim after 11th for us is 37000 Prestige. Don't go much above it. The first raid, Operation Isabella requiters a little over 36k prestige to enter it and you need 37000 to unlock next spark bonus from the Reliquary.

Since the next project we will be constructing, Ether Projector will be the hardest yet, 10k Construction blocks i strongly recommend that everyone should get their Order Ranks above 11 ASAP! If you don't you wont be able to help with the construction! make sure to level up your adepts as well to higher ranks, especially 2 Engineers!

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