Yeah but it will be a while till i upload that one. Recording that one atm.
kheb even the 5man one?
Uploading guide Videos for S rank in the new Invasion dungeons, they should be up soon. Takes a while to upload them at 1080p :sick:
Some nice Overviews for the Ascension Atlas [link]
And write in this topic about this bug [link]

Radu Florian Tofan 4:00pm Aug 26 Hi! ^_^ Tugay İşdaş ...
Published Aug 29, 2015
Tommy Lo 11:57am Aug 5 can't wait for the final release of this patch! :D ...
Published Aug 6, 2015
Oliver Lloyd 7:37pm Jul 13 Did pantheon chat just go down or something? ...
Published Jul 17, 2015
Tomasz Khebeln Ubysz 1:53pm Jul 2 The wait is nearly over: Skyforge’s Open Beta begins on July 16th! And, starting on July 9th, Founder’s Pack owners will be ...
Published Jul 9, 2015
Tomasz Khebeln Ubysz 3:12pm Jul 3 "The progress will be wiped after the stress test. All immortals are invited to join, regardless of being founder or not. T...
Published Jul 3, 2015
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Guild Name: Excessum
Guild Master: Khebeln Excessum
Aelinet Group: Cick here to join! Make sure you join Excessum Tavern Chat!

Min Prestige: 30000+

AvgPrestige: 40000

Weekly Tax: 60k

Region: EU Datacenter

Hey everyone and welcome to the second month of gaming in Skyforge with Excessum. Its time to make an official summary of all the achievements and goals for the pantheon again. Lets start with the big news!

First of all i would like to say GRATZ to everyone for job well done we are finally no.1 rank EU Pantheon! Sadly we are still called Bigtasty and as funny as that is i would like this to get fixed one day so we stop having a name like a jolly dildo ;)

Right now we have 160+ members (some of them are not in the guild yet), and we are stuck with capacity upgrades till Invasions will start so we can get special Resource Knowledge of Avatars that will allow us to upgrade high tier buildings! So get ready for it as i will make you farm it like there is no tomorrow! ;)

The plan of development for next few weeks is finishing last power upgrade and then upgrade Ether Core and maybe even build Sanctuary. There is not much left to build right now that we can build at least till we get a hold of Knowledge of Avatars during Invasions. Another good information is we can have most of our buildings online at the same time now that includes fully upgraded Store!

The taxes rules on the spreed sheet here are now more strict. There are no more warnings, if you get below 60k Due its instant kick unless there is sufficient explenation in the player notes next to your name. Also any period of inacivity or lesser activity should be put in player notes next to your name. If you wont do that you will be removed from the guild afterfew days.

The minimum prestige next weeks is 20k. Yes not 16k its 20k. Reason behind it we have to many people lagging behind for no apparent reason, and we dont have any space any more for that, not to mention they cant participate with the rest of the guild. Min prestige for new members is now a lot higher for same reason its 30k+

Anyone interested in helping with recruitment should visit this topic in members only section.

New videos are being uploaded on to our Youtube channel every few days and you can view them here.

The guild chat is still broken. In the meantime everyone should join Excessum Tavern chat on the Aelinet. You can only join chat from outside the game.  People not using it will be isolated from the guild. A small guide is available on the community page if you scroll down!

Its worth mentioning our first day raiding video from Operation Isabella 10 man Raid. All things considered, inc all the craziness it went pretty good. You can watch it all in the video above. It includes all the mumble chatter as well with overlay to see who is talking! For more videos and guides visit our Youtube channel!

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