Temporarily we are reducing the min prestige level for new members to 20k+ till we reach 260 member slots. With the new catch up system its really easy to gain prestige.
Queens Blade. fan service... GG
Im almost done with mine as well :sick:
Order finally done :sick: [link]
xD worked

Evo 8:31am Oct 2 :p Sergey Barbashev ...
Published Oct 4, 2015
Hybrid Vitae 3:39am Sep 21 Khebeln, it doesn't count when you like your own posts :P ...
Published Sep 22, 2015
Marvin Lordan 1:03am Sep 20 Hi guys, anyone interested in a final fantasy tactics kind of web game? But its a grinding combining units kind of play, where you com...
Published Sep 20, 2015
Tomasz Khebeln Ubysz 12:16pm Sep 17 This is our first successful kill in A1 Distortion Alciona Raid. Uncut and unedited with whole raid commentary and boss mechan...
Published Sep 20, 2015
Tomasz Khebeln Ubysz 1:53pm Sep 20 This is reasonably easy S rank 5 man dungeon compared to last week.The trick is to save all your buffs and CD for destroyers a...
Published Sep 20, 2015
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Guild Name: Excessum
Guild Master: Khebeln Excessum
Aelinet Group: Cick here to join! Make sure you join Excessum Tavern Chat!

Min Prestige: 36000+

Weekly Tax: 60k

Region: EU Datacenter

The third months of skyforge is almost upon us and its time for a quick summary of what we managed to accomplish as a guild during the last months and where are we heading in the next one.

With the new ranking system in place ranking positions are quite fluid, but for the last month we still hold the no.1 position unquestionably. Many people are tired after the super grind they introduced recently so some members took long breaks to recharge, this means we are on recruitment spree to replenish the forces!

Right now we have 185+ members (some of them are not in the guild yet), good thing is that we have plenty space to spare for the new members after the recent update. The new max member cap is 260 slots. While we have all the buildings that can be upgraded done, there are still some things that we cant upgrade till we manage to kill Invasion Avatar. Like the Strongholds or higher lv Distortion Analyzer or Triumphant square upgrades.

The taxes rules on the spreed sheet here are now more strict. There are no more warnings, if you get below 60k Due its instant kick unless there is sufficient explanation in the player notes next to your name. Also any period of inactivity or lesser activity should be put in player notes next to your name. If you wont do that you will be removed from the guild after few days if we will need space.

The minimum prestige for new players is 36k+ officially but if you are active enough and above 20k+ we can make exception as long as we have free member slots.

Anyone interested in helping with recruitment should visit this topic in members only section. I need several new recruiters.

During last month we managed to clear several distortions and have many of them on farm status doing them daily. Here are some of the videos for A1 and A2. Sadly A3 video will be available later as it got corrupted during recording so Screenshot will have to be enough :)

This month we plan to clear A4 and B1 at least as most members should be ready for it soon enough, even as soon as next week.

To close the article I would like to add a warning to any new members joining us. While we are one of the top pantheons, while being helpful, mature and friendly (within a reason) we do not appreciate people that just want to leech easy distortions from us to get the weapons.

Do your research before you join raid. Watch our videos on the youtube channel. Ask officers or other members that done distortion before what is necessary and how you need to prepare. Don't be a dead weight. Be pro active and have initiative and we will be more than happy to help you when we can.

There is space for both casual and hardcore members but we have some standards. Read our rules, join Excessum Tavern Chat, get to know us. If you like what you see apply on our website or contact me for more details about us in game!

Members Update #5Click here

Ashreon o Woo, nice to see A3 has been cleared \o/
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