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發(fā)布時(shí)間:2023-11-02 文章來(lái)源:Harsco Rail Global Website 翻譯:Skye Dou

Harsco's TX16: Evolving and Taking Over

Harsco Rail’s 16-tool Production/Switch Tampers establish and maintain railroad track’s intended surface and line.  Regular track maintenance using tampers is critical for trains to operate at optimal speed and with reduced risk for issues, such as slow orders or derailment.  Over time, train traffic, weather, ground conditions, and other variables cause a track to become misaligned – tampers are used to lift the track, realign it properly, tamp the ballast bed under the ties to remove voids, and then place the track back on firm footing.

哈斯科鐵路公司的 TX16 正線(xiàn)/道岔?yè)v固車(chē)可以對既定的鐵軌線(xiàn)路進(jìn)行維護。 使用搗固車(chē)對軌道進(jìn)行定期維護對于列車(chē)以最佳速度運行并降低脫軌的風(fēng)險至關(guān)重要。 隨著(zhù)時(shí)間的推移,列車(chē)運行、天氣、地面條件和其他變量會(huì )導致軌道錯位-搗固車(chē)用于抬起軌道,使其正確對齊,搗實(shí)軌枕下的道碴層以消除空隙,然后將軌道重新鋪設在堅實(shí)的基礎上。

The TX16 Production/Switch Tamper, the latest addition to Harsco Rail’s tamper portfolio, provides performance through technology, reliability through experience, and safety by design.  Since being introduced to the field in late 2019, the TX16 fleet has grown to four units across the US and Canada, with an additional two units delivering to Mexico by the end of 2023.

TX16 正線(xiàn)/道岔?yè)v固車(chē)是哈斯科鐵路公司搗固車(chē)系列的最新成員,在先進(jìn)技術(shù)的基礎上提供了卓越的性能,開(kāi)發(fā)團隊豐富的經(jīng)驗確保了產(chǎn)品的可靠性,優(yōu)秀的設計也使得產(chǎn)品具有了很高的安全性。 自2019年底投入使用以來(lái),TX16車(chē)隊已在美國和加拿大增加到四臺,另外兩臺將于2023年底交付墨西哥。

With the first prototype TX16 being launched with Canadian National (CN), the machine has performed consistently at average production rates of over 30 ties/minute for over 4 years.  For context, that is a roughly 50% improvement in production rate over a MK4 or 6700 and continues to challenge the production rates of larger 32-tool tamping machines. The design and introduction of the TX16 Production/Switch Tamper is a culmination of experience from our extensive tamper portfolio, global expertise, and innovative solutions.  The result: a 16-tool tamper with unprecedented work window utilization.  The TX16 leverages tie-finding, non-contact measurement, hybrid indexing, and cab push-button buggy deploy and stowage to greatly reduce measurement, setup, tamping, and stowage time – maximizing work within shrinking maintenance windows.

隨著(zhù)加拿大國家鐵路公司(CN)推出第一臺 TX16 原型機,4年多來(lái),該機器的平均生產(chǎn)率一直保持在30枕(根)/分鐘以上。 與 MK4 或6700相比,生產(chǎn)率提高了約50%,并繼續向大型32-搗固機的生產(chǎn)率發(fā)起挑戰。TX16 正線(xiàn)/道岔?yè)v固車(chē)的設計和推出是我們豐富的搗固車(chē)產(chǎn)品經(jīng)驗、全球專(zhuān)業(yè)知識和創(chuàng )新解決方案的結晶。 其結果是:TX16 搗固車(chē)具有前所未有的工作窗口利用率。 TX16 利用根枕查找、非接觸式測量、混合分度以及駕駛室一鍵式下放和回收組件,大大減少了測量、設置、搗固和堆裝時(shí)間,從而在不斷縮小的維護窗口內最大限度地提高了工作效率。

Today, we are tracking the use of TX16s by our customers in Western and Eastern Canada, Florida, and Kansas.  This experience has provided a wide range of operational and infrastructure scenarios, which enable hardware and software refinement that benefits not only the existing machines through upgrades, but also all future TX16s coming off our production line.  Looking into the future, we are planning to build one TX16 per quarter, expanding our fleet throughout NOAM and even globally.  As the performance and technology continues to be demonstrated, the market is seeing proof of value in action – laying the foundation for a bright future for TX16 and our customers.

如今,我們正在關(guān)注加拿大西部和東部、佛羅里達州和堪薩斯州客戶(hù)使用 TX16 的情況。 這些經(jīng)驗提供了廣泛的操作和基礎設施應用場(chǎng)景,使硬件和軟件的完善不僅有利于現有機器的升級,也有利于未來(lái)投入使用的所有 TX16。 展望未來(lái),我們計劃每季度生產(chǎn)一臺 TX16,在整個(gè)北美地區甚至全球范圍內擴大我們的車(chē)隊。 隨著(zhù)性能和技術(shù)的不斷展示,設備在市場(chǎng)中證明了自己的競爭力,這為 TX16 和我們的客戶(hù)的美好未來(lái)奠定了基礎。